Our Vision

Become one of the leading social business operating in Vietnam for the sustainable development of the poor and ethnic minorities in Vietnam.

Our Mission

To be a handicraft company that helps and support the poor and ethnic minorities in Vietnam to have a better life through the production of eco-products.

Our Activities

Green Craft operates primarily in the field of handicrafts and organic products that used the specific strengths of the region.

About Us

Green Craft company was founded in 2006 with the initial goal to use information technology to support the development and trade of goods of craft-villages. However, since 2011, we found that the marketing support solves only the tip though regardless of any production group requires for marketing. To be a successful social business, the first priority task is to build capacity for the production group to meet customer requirements towards environmentally friendly, so we focus on capacity building and create added-value for the products. Besides, we also support in marketing and product promotion.

Currently, our products were made by ethnic minorities and poor people in the villages (poor craftmen) have been exported to Japan, USA, UK, Germany and appreciated by the clients

Craft villages in Vietnam

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Tan Chau Silk Village

Silk of Tan Chau (An Giang) has been welknown in local and international market

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Ha Thai lacquerware village

Like all other ancient villages in the Red River Delta, Ha Thai has a communal house...

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Phu Vinh rattan village

Being of a peaceful countryside, Phu Nghia has been very famous for its weaving craft for ages.

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FAIR TRADE? They simply are "Social, Economic and Environment Development" and "Say No to Forced and Child labour"